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Our range of artificial grass has a host of benefits

Luxy lawns source, only the best products for your outside spaces. Our range of artificial grass looks great in your garden, balcony, terrace or patio. Giving you extra room to entertain, without the need for mowing, watering or strimming.

DIY Installation

Step 1

Clear away your old plant matter, use weed killer to make sure all the persistent plants are gone. Dig out the area you want to grass to about 5- 8mm. Use timber to make a frame around your soon to be, new lawn.

Step 2

Compact the soil down, leaving it still slightly porous. Cover with a layer of hardcore, or lime chippings for best results and better drainage. Compact down again and cover with 2mm or sharp sand and again with up to 6mm of granite dust. Bringing it level with the surrounding area.

Step 3

Begin the laying process, starting in one corner of your perimiter and ensuring the grass is straight, flat and taut. The blades should all be facing the same way, and for best results, pointing away from your vantage point. 

Step 4

Once laid, trim any edges to make sure your grass fits nicely over your chosen area, use galvenised steel nails to fit your grass into the timber frame. When the grass is fitted into place, go over with a stiff brush to acheive a natural finish.

Shop our full range of DIY install products

We supply a full range of artificial grasses and accessories, to make installing your own lawn as easy as 1. 2. 3.


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Value Range

artificial grass

Our range of artificial grass, to suit every garden and every budget. With a variety of styles we are sure to have what you need.

Premier Range

Striped artificial grass

Our premier range, built with quality in mind, it has a luxurious feels and vibrant colours. perfect for any barbeque.

Get you lawn fitted by our quality trades people

Do you prefer the easier approach? Sit back and let our expert trades people install your luxury lawn. We only use the best trades people around, all backed by our 5 year intallation guarentee. With a speedy service and incredibly high standards, we will give you the garden of your dreams.